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Hello There!
My name is Andrew

I'm a former HR/Recuiting Professional turned software enginner based in the SF Bay Area! 

About Me

My name is Andrew

As a software engineer with full-stack expertise, I am a natural creator and problem-solver, always up for the challenge of turning imaginative concepts into real-life solutions. Drawing on my background in human resources and recruitment, I possess a keen understanding of the vital role that collaboration and effective team dynamics play in achieving project success. My people-centric approach, combined with a passion for innovation and a talent for bringing ideas to life, make me a valuable asset to any team or organization.

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My most ambitious project yet. A recreation of AirBnB except instead of homes. A fully cruded renting app with all of the flare of a modern app. Includes a dynamic search engine, beautiful UI, Google Auth, Map Search. This was created using NEXT.JS, React, and MongoDB.

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React.js | CSS | HTML | PostreSQL | GoogleAuth | Tailwind | PrismaDb |  Python | Github |  Deployed on Vercel | Node

Welcome to the Plant Directory App! This app serves as a comprehensive directory for plant enthusiasts, allowing users to search for their favorite plants, filter them by various criteria, and explore detailed information about each plant. 

React | Firebase | GoogleAuth | JavaScript | HTML | CSS | GitHub | Bootstrap.

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A event creating app specific to making soccer games happen. This was my capstone project for GA Software Engineer Immersive program and created using MERN Stack and Google Map API.

JavaScript | CSS | HTML | PostreSQL | React | Mongoose | Github | Node.js | Deployed on Heroku

This was my first project in General Assembly.  A variation of the popular New York Times owned game of Wordle. 

JavaScript | HTML | CSS | GitHub.

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A niche skill sharing app made for mobile.  This was collaboration project with fellow GA students that was created using Python Django.

Django | CSS | HTML | PostreSQL | AWS | Python | Github |  Deployed on Heroku

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Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 10.40.19 AM.png

DreamCatcher is a minimalistic sleep tracking app and dream journal. This was my General Assembly express database and crud project.

JavaScript | HTML | CSS | GitHub | Express Node | Embedded JavaScript | Node | MongoDB | Mongoose | GoogleAO | Deployed on Heroku

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